Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I Must, I Must, I Must increase my Bust.

I am sore. Aching actually. Every move that I make hurts and I love it.

Rib Breaker and I have been working out fiendishly the last 2 weeks and I hope to continue with the momentum. I have always been on the slim and ectomorphic side and I now have a desire to bulk up and increase muscle mass. It takes a lot of work and I am finding the results quite promising. So, if any of you have suggestions and tips on how to gain effective weight and muscle mass please let me know. I already have a very high metabolism and consume close to 3000 plus calories a day. My goal is to stay trim and focus on core muscle groups like my back and Abs as well as add to my very flat chest. I would love to achieve part of this before summer so that the shirt can come off without feeling embarrassed or skinny, so wish me luck.


angel, jr. said...

I've been working out too, maybe not as fiendishly as you and Rib Breaker. I've gained about 20 pounds, which I want to lose. It doesn't look well on my 5'4" small framed body--so even a few pounds are noticeable.

St. Dickeybird said...

I know how you could add another 160lbs of (mostly) muscle.
Oh, but ...wifey... never mind.

epicurist said...

angel - it's tough trying to gain/lose weight. I am 6'1 and currently sit at between 151-159 pounds. The weight fluctuates daily between 3-8 pounds.

dickeybird - ::blush:: you bad bad bad man! ::wink::

Greg the Surly said...

I think adding it naturally, and gradually is the best method. If you start getting in to shakes, and drinks and you bulk up too quicky, you might decide yo back off, or worse, you can't maintain, then you're worse off than before.

tornwordo said...

Remember that squats promote full-body growth.

Jess said...

3,000 calories a day and you're still thin? You're my opposite. Be glad for that metabolism!

It beats what I have to deal with! If nothing else, society (not to mention other gay men) is a lot kinder to skinny guys than fat guys!

Brad said...

Listen sexy... that shirt can come off right now and you have nothing to feel embarrassed about!
Among my many talents (ouch that hurt my arm)... I am a certified personal trainer. Drop me an email and give me a bit more definition on the definition you want and I can shoot ya some tips and tricks. Just be aware with my schedule here for the next little bit it could be as late as NEXT weekend before I can give you something to work with. Would try for sooner of course if possible :)

Dantallion said...

Well, I think you're sexy just as you are, but if you want the muscle mass to build faster, increase your protein intake (as I'm sure you already know), and have a protein shake using ONLY a good quality low/no sugar/carb protein powder and water just before bed. (It won't taste so great, but it's worth it) The protein will go directly to where your muscles are repairing themselves (which is when you sleep) promoting more efficient growth.

Snooze said...

That's good you're gaining the weight sensibly. I agree with Dan that protein shakes can be a good addition to your diet. I also agree with Dan and Brad [and everyone who's met you or viewed your HNT pics], that you're sexy now so just don't obsess. I do think that working out with a partner is a wonderful habit to get into though. You can inspire one another.

Mr.Brian/Mr.Fletcher said...

If you find something that works, let me know. I'm an ectomorphic, overly-metabolic slim jim, too.

mikevil said...

You could walk past a bakery and simply look at an eclair - it seems to work for me.

Brad said...

LOL mike! hahahaha! To funny.

Aethlos said...

Anabolic steroids are an excellent way to gain muscle mass, but you may lose a little hair (and some testicular circumference)... try stacking deca durabolin and testosterone cypionate for a few months. You'll get huge, you'll feel fantastic, and you'll be able to live on pizza and donuts and remain solid muscle. Keep a very detailed log book of your cycles, and tell your doctor what you're up to. Also, only use sterile needles! I did this for nine months at the turn of the century, and it was unspeakably cool. My dick never shrunk, i never beat anyone up, and i never did it again... but it was Oh So Worth It... to be that ripped, and feel that good... just once in my twenties. Fuck all those silly natural diets... use the marvels of chemistry and science. And try drinking lots of bourbon while you're doing it... and smoke more weed. Trust me on this... steroids and liquor is the way to go.

The Persian said...

I have always had a flat upper chest, and its almost been kind of an embarassment. My abs are now forming well, but look stupid because they actually extend out farther then my chest! (see today's HNT pic).


Jericho said...

boy, does that sound familiar!

finally put on the weight I needed (can't keep it there, though, because I also have a high metablolism - my weight fluctuates wildly)

good luck :)

Brad said...

Whatever you do stay away from the roids. I speak from experience. Yea they work, but aren't worth the ultimate costs you will suffer.

CoffeeDog said...

You can have my extra weight :-) I look forward to some pics so we can see the progress.

No one asked us said...

The bigger the better, the tighter the sweater, the boys depend on us.

Raven said...

Meat. Lots of it. I too have a super high metabolism. I am 5'11 and weighed 160 this winter, but lost so much weight when I was moving and then I got the flu and didn't eat for a week, so I am at 150 right now. I do weights 2-3x a week and limit my cardio to 1-2x week. I do walk 3 miles every day.

Cut the sugar, it stops your metabolism, and even though it's high, like mine is, sugar does nasty things. Try eat at least 100 grams of protein a day, don't cut good carbs (whole wheat breads, pasta) and add in fruit for your sweets. You'll be amazed how you feel after 2 weeks. Keep lifting and you're going to start bulking up.

You're going to have cravings as your body adjusts to no sugar, when you are just dying to eat something, drink a huge glass of water or low cal juice. What we put into our bodies determines not only what comes back out, but how we benefit from the fuel...you are what you eat is pretty true:)

Also, keep a log, write down what you eat and it's nutritional info; fat, calories, protein, etc. Stick to 3,000 a day to maintain and gain. Soon you'll start remembering what the value is and you won't need to write it down. It's pretty intersting when you start as you see how much crap you eat;)

Doghigh said...

And of course we will need to see the HNT pics in order to judge the progress :-)

What? It's not like everyone wasn't thinking the same thing!

Sister Staceypatrick said...

Sigh - I wish "skinny" was my problem! But that said, people generally prefer a belly dancer with some meat on her bones, so at least I fit in somewhere!

Perry Neeham said...

You can achieve a lot through exercising at home and you don't need much kit:

1) Press-ups with your feet raised up on a chair and your fingers turned inwards give you good pecs (I do 20 x 4 reps a day).

2) To get fab abs you need to do LOTS of sit ups! (I do 3 or 4 batches of 50 reps a day). I would recommend a body pod so that your coccyx doesn't rub a hole through your skin from the inside! It's a really great piece of kit - http://www.body-pod.co.uk/

3) Free weights can be helpful. If space is a problem just get hand dumb-bells rather than a big crossbar. I do 3 or 4 reps of 30 arm curls with 10kg on each dumbell daily.

Great blog mate.

jadedmonkey said...

Eat more lean protein. Do lots of upper body exercises which use large muscle groups (i.e. chest and back). Oh, heavier weights with fewer reps is better than lots of reps with light weights. There are as many ways to reach your goals as there are people who exercise. Everyone has a different idea but I think the key is to change up your routine every few weeks. An old adage says that no two workouts should ever be identitcal (you can change the weights, the number of reps or vary the movements...) By the looks at your HNT pics and RB's, you both look like you're in pretty good shape already, you will have those man-boobs before you know it. ;)

Knottyboy said...

I hope that you will not mind when the first time I meet you, that I fondle your pecs till I go cross-eyed and then sip a cosmo till consciousness returns. If this sounds good to you ....[wispers] call me!
Good on ya honey for lifting high the muscles on that lovely frame of yours. I'm off to the gym today my-damn-self today too.

epicurist said...

Greg - I am currently doing protein shakes additionally through the day, as it is the only way I can keep my caloric intake high with m,y metabolism. I am seeing some difference, but I am taking it slow.

torn - Thanks. I'll remember that.

Jess - I agree that society is kinder to "sliM" people, but often get a lot of slack for saying that I am trying to gain weight. Gaining weight is as hard if not harder for taller guys.

Brad - ::blush:: Thanks, I'd appreciate the info! :)

Dantallion - ::blush again:: Umm, thanks. I took your advice and got a protein powder and am taking it with soy milk.

Snooze - Thanks! :) Working out with RB has definitely made it easier.

Mr. Brian - Definitely try the protein shake, but be sure to start working out lightly with proper technique, rather than lifting too much at one time. Don't want to hurt yourself.

mikevil - LOL!

Brad - No kidding. He's such a card! ;-p

Aethlos - Though the idea had crossed my mind when younger, I don't think I would ever take the chance and do it. Bulking up and getting physically fit is important to me, but I think I'll do things naturally for now. :)

Persian Guy - I think you look fine! I guess we are all our own worse critics. :)

Jericho - Thanks! I'm trying.

Brad - No worries, thanks!

Coffeedog - Pics will come in time. :-p

NOAU - LOL, that is quite true isn't it?

Raven - I generally avoid all processed products like White flour, sugar, etc. I drink close to 2Litres of water a day as it is as well. Thanks for the tips!

Doghigh - hee hee...in time. ;-p

Sister - Yes, but being "skinny" or slim doesn't necessarily mean healthy or beautiful. That concept of skinny is beautiful is a myth and I believe that people with "extra" weight, can still be healthy if not more. It all depends on lifestyle and the choices we make.

Amopodex - Welcome and Thanks, those are great tips. I also use an exercise ball at home with free weights and do a lot of stretching. Monitoring my posture and doing postural exercises also seems to be helping with muscle tension. RB taught me that you can train your muscles into memory by simply sitting and standing correctly. It's pretty cool. :)

Running Hams in Cincy said...

Geez...3000 calories a day. You are lucky from a female point of view.

ink said...

My dad was 6'3" and 135 lbs when he married Mum. After forty years of her cooking and baking, he's now topping out at 230+. Weight gain is possible, even for ectomorphs!

As for advice .... hmmm ....

Exercise - good.
Pain - bad.
Healthy food - good.
Steroids - bad.
Knowing you're great just the way you are - priceless.

Brad said...

Good to see you around today. I was beginning to worry if everything was ok not having seen you posting for a few days!

Jase said...

Enough with the words.. let's really "see" the progress! (you can send naked pictures directly to me ;)

Aethlos said...

uh, i was being facetious. is this a satire-free zone? :P

Ms Bees Knees said...

Aethlos: You? Facetious? No! ;)

epi: Don't bulk up! You're purrrfect right now! I like my boys with swimmer's bodies. ME-OW!

epicurist said...

Cincy - I'm not boasting. Trust me.

ink - You're too sweet, thanks. I actually over-rotated my shoulder cuff and took a week off. so back to the normal weight again. ::sigh::

Brad - I'm good thanks. Just a few things to deal with in the real world. :)

Jase - ::wink:: In due time.

Aethlos - ::wink:: Your satire is just too high brow for my lowly intellect.

Bees - Aethlos can be so touchy can't he? ;-p

And thanks, but a little extra weight would do me good. As it stands, everytime I jump in the water, the wind carries me away.