Friday, September 22, 2006

In Gods name...

September 22, 2006

Indonesian Executions Lead to Violence

Filed at 6:45 a.m. ET

Published: September 22, 2006
PALU, Indonesia (AP) -- Christian mobs torched cars, blockaded roads and looted Muslim-owned shops in violence touched off by Friday's executions of three Roman Catholics convicted of instigating attacks on Muslims.


I actually saw this article on Andy's Last Debate and was so infuriated that I had to actually post my own commentary.

Oh, the hypocrisy that has been made of religions and this notion of justice and god's love. Andy had titled his post "Do Unto Others". Whether he was quoting the Bible, where it is probably most well-known for, I am not clear. However, it should be noted that very similar phrases appear in many Ancient texts and/or dialogues, from Socrates to Confucious to the Koran and Talmud. My point is that if all these religions and philosophers have spouted similar ideas of good deeds and of neighbourly love, where then, are the good deeds and neighbourly love?

"Where's the Beef" I ask?

A little mathematical equation pops in my head, everytime something like this happens:

Bible(Human inability to think for themselves) + Koran(Human inability to think for themselves) = stupidity

This is what happens, when you take a human construct like the Bible/Koran/whatever, that speaks of doing good deeds in one text, then of "smiting" in others, and the human need to define themselves by something other than their own brain. Again, the hypocrisy.

"Do Unto others" indeed. Maybe they are all masochists, seeking sexual pleasure in their annihilation. This simply solidifies the belief that religion, rather than being an instrument of love and spiritual growth, has been bastardised into an instrument for personal agendas.

"In the name of Allah"
"In God we Trust."
"God Bless America"
"God will protect us..."

Every damned person and every damned leader is calling god to their side, and each believes that they will prevail with god's power and their blind faith. If this wasn't a sign that god has a cruel sense of humour, nothing does.

I apologise, if this offends the sensibilities of religious folk, but in all honesty, all this "in the name of "put name of god here" bullcrap offends my sensibilities as a human being.

Everyone seems to be invoking god's name as the reason for their crusades. It is infantile and disgusting. Personal responsibility has been shirked under god's protection, so that leaders and individuals will have a clearer conscience for the murder or persecution of others who do not follow their faith.

So people, do your god a favour and leave him/her alone. I'm pretty sure s/he has better things to do, like creating a star than dealing with your stupidity and intolerance.


Friday, September 15, 2006

A new Blog starting

Hi All,

I am starting a new blog, letters-from-the-past that will contain written Diary entries and letters from others, over the past 20 years. It was a little project I wanted to start sometime ago, but soon realised it was a lot bigger than I thought. Sorting through the hundreds of paper entries chronologically has been a difficult task, so I have decided to enter them randomly, with the only caveat being that they were moments in my life that signified a momentous change in thought or behaviour.

I am in a far different place, emotionally and spiritually these days. It is still a struggle at times, but I find comfort in knowing I have grown and shown some maturity in my aging.

I won't be stopping my other Blogs. This will be a workling project. An anthology I suppose of my thoughts and emotional growth.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Give a dog a Bone

Did you get the recent Canadian Ikea catalogue delivered to your home? Turn to the page 2 insert and have a look at the dog and tell me if something looks odd.

Sofa so good ... the IKEA catalogue picture that has aroused considerable  internet interest.

Need a closer look?

Apparently, the story was that a disgruntled employee superimposed his penis on the dog. That according to an Ikea spokesperson, is not true. The "penis" is in fact the dogs leg. The dog has now been given the nickname "Swedish Sausage". I don't know what kind of breed this dog is, but I think the father is John Holmes