Wednesday, October 20, 2004

101 Things About Me.

  1. Why am I writing this list? Because I get asked these questions all the time.
  2. My astrological sign? Sagittarius.
  3. My Chinese sign? Ox.
  4. Favourite colour is baby blue.
  5. I live in downtown Toronto
  6. I was born, but not made in Taiwan.
  7. I have 1 older brother, who is married.
  8. We came to Canada when I was 9 months old.
  9. My mother is from India
  10. My father from Shanghai
  11. What does that make me? A Heinz 57 of Chinese.
  12. No, my mother is not Indian.
  13. Yes, she can make curry.
  14. No, she does not smell like curry.
  15. Yes, she sounds like Madhur Jaffrey.
  16. I can understand Mandarin and Hakka, but rarely speak either.
  17. What is Hakka? It's a people and a dialect.
  18. Both parents are retired and enjoy travelling and reading.
  19. I have had a total of 16 hamsters in my life, 2 birds and 1 fish.
  20. My dogs name is Kalyx (part Shep/ Sheltie).
  21. She does not get along with other dogs.
  22. No, I have not eaten dog or cat.
  23. I work in Telecommunications, but am the furthest thing from a geek.
  24. I walk to work.
  25. I like practical jokes.
  26. Yes, I am a goof.
  27. I love food.
  28. I eat like I have a hollow leg.
  29. Beware, I am lactose intolerant.
  30. I hate green peppers.
  31. Yes, I can cook.
  32. I am gay…I know I am pointing out the obvious.
  33. I play the piano.
  34. I cannot & will not sing.
  35. I do not DO Karaoke.
  36. I never remember words to songs.
  37. Actually, I have a very poor memory altogether.
  38. I hardly ever remember names.
  39. I love to garden.
  40. I love to stretch and do yoga.
  41. I love the outdoors.
  42. I dislike drama.
  43. I dislike pettiness.
  44. Sarcasm is deliciously fun.
  45. So is beer and vodka.
  46. I love to clean. It is therapeutic.
  47. Yes, I am weird
  48. I love the smell of a clean home.
  49. I would much rather clean another person’s home than mine.
  50. I will do laundry, but hate folding and putting it away.
  51. I hate putting dishes away.
  52. I hate taking garbage and recyclables out.
  53. I like photography and intend to practice more.
  54. I have no collectible hobbies.
  55. I do like watches though, and if I had more money, would collect those.
  56. I got a tattoo 10 years ago on my right upper arm, and intend to get more.
  57. I have 2 piercings, navel and ear (10 years).
  58. I love Starbucks coffee or strong coffee, not flavoured.
  59. I only use brown sugar.
  60. I am a snob when it comes to making tea, and refuse to drink it anywhere unless I make it.
  61. I do not generally like cold food (pizza, chicken, etc).
  62. I am not a big fan of shopping, despite my being gay.
  63. I have only done drag twice. Each time I looked like a Lesbian that was run over by a dumptruck, and each time I was trashed.
  64. I love water and the ocean.
  65. My idea of relaxation, is sitting on a beach or dock with a beer and friends.
  66. I have no real favourite television show.
  67. I drink 2 litres plus of water a day.
  68. My favourite underwear is 2Xist.
  69. I can be patient when it comes to certain things, but will get pissed off if people continuously abuse it.
  70. I like all music.
  71. I am quite reliable, and am always on time.
  72. I do not have a car.
  73. In fact, my drivers license has expired. My bad.
  74. I am left on the political spectrum when it comes to social issues, but am Right when it comes to fiscal responsibility.
  75. I was a socio-lefty commie pinko when I was in University (so say my friends).
  76. I was a peer counsellor for gay/lesbian/bi/transgenedered individuals while in University.
  77. I have arthritis.
  78. I do not have a sweet tooth, but love salty things.
  79. I try never to give up on people, though it can be taxing at times, they are still people I care about.
  80. I have one g-string (a gag gift).
  81. I tend to swear a lot.
  82. I tend to burp a lot, but am trying to get that under control.
  83. I think Prostitution and red light districts should be legalised and taxed.
  84. I do not have any particular religion that I follow, but find theology and religious practice very interesting.
  85. I use lip balm every day and am addicted to it.
  86. I do not like talking on the phone. I would rather just meet you and hang out.
  87. I am not a drama queen.
  88. This is a lucky number to superstitious Chinese.
  89. I am not superstitious.
  90. I am not a fan of dating. They are awkward and forced. I prefer meeting by chance and hanging.
  91. I would never admit to being a romantic, but am (I guess I just admitted that).
  92. I was a Fine arts and Psychology major in University.
  93. I went to college after for a Diploma in Information technology Networking.
  94. I abhor poor grammer.
  95. I am very forgetful, and leave my umbreallas, wallets and gloves everywhere.
  96. I volunteer.
  97. I believe in the innate goodness in all people.
  98. I tend to be optimistic and cheerful.
  99. I have no particular favourite time of the day.
  100. I love the sun.
  101. Favourite season is Spring, because it is fresh and new.

Friday, October 1, 2004

Tea bag Cozie?

That cool, crisp, nippiness is in the air again - always a telltale sign of fall.

But honestly is this really necessary?

I really don't know what to say about this, but thought it should generate some interesting comments. Not so sure about those colours on me, but I find the pattern sort of mesmerising.