Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Changing Times...quick news and thoughts....

I'm too busy to make a commentary on every damned thing that has been in the news. There is way too much to comment on, and too little time, but here's a list of things that are on my mind:

  1. Dick Cheney believes dunking prisoners is a 'no brainer"? So when did the Geneva Convention become open for interpretation? Read this amazing article, by Heather Mallick. She quotes so precisely that "We don't learn from war; we repeat it. We don't prevent war; we perfect it."
  2. When and will these bastards be accountable for their actions and deception?
  3. Rumsfeld resigns...well it's about fucking time.
  4. Democrats are majority in the House of Representatives...well, it's about fucking time.
  5. Hopefully, they will also win in the Senate.
  6. Goodbye Santorum!
  7. Goodbye Ted Haggard, you Muther prostitute fucking whore of a hypocrite!
  8. I wonder if the Religious Right still thinks it can sit Holier Than Thou, and preach to us about the Morals and Ethics of religion?
  9. I wonder if the honourable Stephen Harper is cringing at the thought of losing status of Mini Me. 24 Sussex Drive needs to be vacated and fumigated.
On a side note, life is going well. Our perpetual renovation and painting is slowly starting up again. My personal artwork is also taking on momentum. Rib Breaker has been in better spirits and state of mind recently, and will soon be massaging again at a new, beautiful clinic in the Beaches, with some friends from another establishment, who have now gone out on their own.