Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Balancing Act

Hi All,

Life has been rather hectic as of late and my priorities have had to shift to accomodate. I have a few personal things to work out, but worry not, I am well otherwise. Thanks for all the emails and comments as to my whereabouts.

I have realised that without steady structure in my life, I tend to spiral out of control. I am susceptible to erratic behaviour when I lose sight of my goals and ambitions, and this can be a very scary thing. I am not one that gives control and power away easily, and have found that when any one aspect of my life is in unsychronized, I am thrown for a loop. For me, everything must be in balance for things to function well. I am usually very good at keeping things in check, but as of recent, I've been walking around a little off kilter.

As you can tell, I have taken some time off. I am cleaning house right now and getting my brain, spirit and body back on track, and will be back soon.



Dantallion said...

glad to get some news. Take the time you need. As always, we'll be here when you get back!!

The Persian said...

I'm glad to see you post again, was getting worried!

I know what you mean about the balanced life, I have such a daily routine that when something imprtant comes up and I can't get to things I normally do after work (like working out or stuff Ive planned around the house) I get stressed and feel unorganized.

Hope you are doing well and will be posting soon.


Naked Boy said...

My bf is like that and I hate it. It freaks the hell out of me. His mood swings scare me and I always think we are over because of them. Then he comes back to life as if nothing happened. Not good. There is nothing spontaneous about him and if every second is not planned out to his specifications, the whole world must come to a stop.

Jess said...

Glad to see a post, and I hope you get enough "down time" to rebalance your life!

Snooze said...

Very good move to have taken time off to focus on yourself.

Brad said...

I am with everyone else my friend. It is just good to see you post and know you are ok. Get your shit together, pardon the frankness and rejoin us soon bud!

St. Dickeybird said...

We await your return with baited breath.

Why would anyone want "baited breath?" Have they been eating worms? How is this a good thing? Ew!

Sorry, I digressed. I hope everything is working out.

epicurist said...


I am feeling much better. You all are always so kind and sweet and I am always warmed when I read your messages. I'll explain what the issue was shortly. :)

Hugs and kisses!

R.J. said...

I also need to take time, pull back, and refocus every now and then. Hope you find your balance. Don't worry about the blog... your fans will keep checking back.

Raven said...

Breaks are good. I feel my life has been nothing but negatives, so maybe I should take a little time off. Hope all is well with you, keep us posted when you're ready:)