Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The clouds and rain have been heavy
And so have been our hearts.
As the rain falls,
So do our tears.
For we feel the collective sadness
and we weep together.
Brothers and Sisters.

Another friend lost.
All too soon.
But does it matter whether young or old?
It's always too soon.
A life so full of brightness and joy.
Taken, but never forgotten.
Gone, but forever present.

In this sorrow,
The power of their memory brings meaning
For in sorrow and sadness,
We find the true meaning of Life.
One cannot understand Life and Happiness
without understanding Death and Sadness.
I Thank You.

I Thank You for confiding in me.
I Thank You for your braveness.
I Thank You for your smile.
I Thank You for the memories
I Thank You for sharing your story with me
For you too, have touched my Life.
And I will fight on. I will never stop.

Thank you.

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